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Marijuana vaporizers reviews, experiments and sales since 2011. We are a network of vape heads who are dedicated to use vaporizers everyday. Each vape is extensively tested for 30 consecutive days. Results are posted to help you find the best marijuana vaporizers for your lifestyle. Utilize the search box to fine tune your personal selections. Save your money. Visit the vape shop to buy the best vaporizers online.

  1. 50+ written reviews with photographs
  2. 20+ dry herb experiments
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Written vape reviews of the most popular vaporizers on the market let you know the thoughts of more than one person’s experience. A medical user will have health issues to deal with. Recreational users want to know the best cloud chasers. Elders want smooth controlled vapor.

Dry herb experiments let you know how well your marijuana is being vaporized. See exhaustion results right before your eyes. Experiments are performed and recorded under different conditions. Micro photographs let you see THC crystal vaporization rates.

YouTube videos let you visually see how to use vaporizer. Some people like to watch a video rather than read. Quick explanations get you vaporizing your favorite weed products to perfection.

Marijuana vaporizers reviews and experiments.

Marijuana Vaporizers Tricky Tips

Dry marijuana vaporizes best at 175 – 210°C (347 – 410°F). Terpenes (flavor,smell) get vaporized at low temps. Cannabinoids (THC and CBD) get vaped at higher temps. Finding a smooth vapor combination differs between manufacturers. Vapor becomes harsh and will burn at or above 235°C (455°F). Exhaustion color can tell you details of your vaporizer.

Understand conduction and convection heating methods. Conduction vaporization has the oven and marijuana come into direct contact with each other. Convection utilizes the movement of air particles to transfer heat over marijuana.

Vaporized and normal calyx.

Digital LCD screens are great. Knowing the battery charge levels and setting precise temperature levels increase the chances for continued pleasurable experiences. A vibrating vaporizer lets you know it’s good to go.

Be diligent keeping your vaporizer clean. Resin build up is the number one nemesis of marijuana vaporizers. Resin will become toxic over time. 99% Iso-propyl alcohol is one of the best cleaning agents that does not harm vape parts. Add salt to your Iso and soak in a bag for stubborn stains.