Marijuana Vaporizer Experiments

Photograph of vaporized herb comparisons.
Marijuana Vaporizers Exhaustion Rates

Recreational marijuana and medical marijuana is now legal all over the world. Marijuana vaporizers are a leading consumer choice for ingesting dried cannabis and cannabis extracts. The medical properties of marijuana are found in the top portion of the trichromes or THC glands. Marijuana vaporizers are unique as they do not burn or combust your dry herbs like puffing a joint or smoking a pipe of which will put harmful toxins and carcinogens inside you. A vaporizer will use a source of heat to go over the weed and vaporize only the essentials of the plant, which enter your body, leaving you healthier and happier. Most doctors will recommend medical marijuana patients use a vaporizer. This website reviews experiments with the resulting vaporized marijuana exhausted by each unique vaporizer. A marijuana vaporizer can be very affordable. Dry herb vaporizers are produced in a variety of sizes, shapes and intake styles. is a unique study of exhausted dry herb. Produced by different styles of marijuana vaporizer. Ever wonder how good does a vaporizer work? The following experiments allows you a unique view of what’s happening to your marijuana by the best vaporizers of today utilizing microscopes, photographs, videos and analysis.

Only a marijuana vaporizer that vaporizes dry herb will be studied. All experiments are purely personal results. We’re sure you can make your own judgments and do your own homework. Photographs are taken by a 43x digital microscope. The following photograph shows the frosty thc crystals or trichromes on the calyx of some good Kush weed. The photo gives a great visual of the mushroom like trichromes that contain most of the THC and CBDs of the marijuana plant of which you want to ingest.

Photograph of dry herb ready for the vaporizer.
Micro-photograph of a typical marijuana calyx before any vaporization.

Recent Marijuana Vaporizer Experiments

Boundless Vaporizer Technology Results

Boundless Vaporizer Technology
Boundless Vapes CFX (left) and CF vaporized calyxes.

The Boundless Vaporizer Technology vaporization experiments is dual. We tested both the CFX and CF portable dry herb vapes. Both vapes were set at 415°F. The ovens hold around 1/4 gram of dry herb. Experiments started with fresh battery charge. Read all the details at the Boundless Vaporizers Exhaustion Experiments.

Haze Dual V3 Vape Results

Haze Dual V3 exhausted calyx.

Our Haze Dual V3 vaporization experiment begins with some excellent dry herb named Girl Scout OG. THC levels are over 20%. We utilized three different methods of vaporizing dry herb. Convection, conduction and canister methods are available. Great to have choice. See experiments details at Haze Dual V3 Vape Results.